Govt imposes anti-dumping duty on chemical from 4 countries


Government has imposed an anti-dumping duty of up to 60.35 dollar per tonne for five years on a chemical used in fertiliser industry imported from Russia, Indonesia, Georgia and Iran. The move will help guard domestic players from below- cost imports of ammonium nitrate. The duty ranges between USD 11.42 to USD 60.35 per tonne.

Two private firms had filed an application before the Directorate General of Anti-dumping and Allied Duties, DGAD for initiation of the anti-dumping investigations. The Finance Ministry imposed the duty after the DGAD in its finding concluded that the product has been exported to India from these countries below its normal value, resulting in dumping.

Countries impose anti-dumping duties to guard domestic industry from surge in below-cost imports. India has imposed similar duties on import of several products including steel, fabrics and chemicals from different countries. Anti-dumping steps are taken to ensure fair trade and provide a level-playing field to the domestic industry.