SAIL’s retail sales gets boost with SAIL’s Gaon ki Ore campaign


Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL), is running a nation-wide campaign सेल स्टील – गाँव की ओर (SAIL steel – Gaon ki ore) which is aimed at boosting steel consumption in country. SAIL targets to sell 1 Million Tonnes steel through its dealer network this financial year and aims at doubling it in next three financial years.  SAIL had  identified the potential of rural markets for enhancing steel consumption which is currently around 10 kgs per capita per year as against around 150 Kg per capita consumption in Urban India. The Gaon ki ore campaign is designed to familiarize end users at the Grass-root level, especially of rural areas, with innovative usage of SAIL steel and its applications and advantages in construction, household equipment, agriculture etc. Through engagement activities the audience are informed how using SAIL steel can increase durability, life, safety and longevity of any construction and product. Through this nation-wide campaign initiated at Nalbari, Assam, SAIL aims to cover more than 100 locations by the end of this year. This new age marketing campaign strategically aims to develop a stronger link with consumers through direct engagement.