A New Division to focus on Highway Operations


The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) under Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has constructed nearly 30,000 Km world-class National Highways and has another 20,000 Km scheduled for completion in the next couple of years. The sustained growth will ensure that Indian National Highway network will measure approximately 50,000 Km of highways in the next two years, which is third largest Highways Network in the world.

However, this achievement also signals the need of focusing on the Highway Operations for rendering world class services to the highway users. Thus the NHAI has created a new Highway Operations Division. This division will focus on all non-commercial Highway Operational activities for efficient network utilization and providing hassle-free services.

The Highway Operations Division at NHAI will be headed by Member (Admin) and assisted by CGM (IT & HO) and a team of experienced officers. The Highway Operation Division will be in charge of the Electronic Tolling, Wayside Amenities, Road Safety & Security, Incident Management–Helpline, Tracking of Ambulance, Cranes on Highways, Highway Traffic Management System, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Highway Plantation, Road lighting, Wi-Fi and other modern amenities on National Highways.