Canada chosen as partner country for 2017 Technology Summit, New Delhi


Canada will be the partner country at the 23rd iteration of the Tech Summit, India’s largest knowledge and technology conference and exhibition to be held from November 14 to 15, 2017 in New Delhi. The Summit is organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Indian Department of Science and Technology (DST).

The India-Canada Tech Summit will highlight range of research and innovations areas where India and Canada are world leaders. The themes will be Advanced Manufacturing which includes advances in aerospace, Automotive and Robotics, Transportation which includes Intelligent Transport Systems, Aviation, and Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence highlighting ICT, Data Sciences, Life Sciences, and Agricultural Technology, and Energy which covers Clean Technologies and Extractive Technologies.

A particular focus of the summit is highlighting the role of women in science and business as well as promoting the start-up and incubator communities in India and Canada.