India tops list of pollution-linked deaths


According to a report by The Lancet Commission on pollution and health, India has been ranked No. 1 in pollution related deaths with 2.51 million deaths in 2015. China recorded the second highest number of such deaths (1.8 million). India accounted for about 28 per cent of an estimated nine million pollution linked deaths worldwide in 2015.

At 6.5 million premature deaths globally, air pollution was the leading cause of deaths in 2015. Nearly 25% of all deaths in India in 2015 were caused by pollution.

Deaths from air pollution were a result of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Pollution has been responsible for the most non-communicable disease deaths.

The Lancet Commission on pollution and health is a two-year project in which more than 40 international health and environmental authors led by environmental scientist Philip Landrigan were involved.