Haryana government plans ‘PGs for cattle’ to boost milk production


Haryana government has decided to introduce a new concept for people living in high-rises, or in urban areas, who want to rear their own cattle and produce “quality milk” for their consumption. The government will set up ‘PGs for cattle’ for them.

Haryana Animal Husbandry and Dairying Minister O P Dhankar said that government is planning to earmark 50 to 100 acres of land for dairy business and keep plots for ‘PGs for cattle’ in these areas. He said that if a person stays in a flat and unable to rear cattle but wants to consume milk of his own cow or buffalo, then the person can keep own cattle at these PGs.

Mr. Dhankar said owners can also keep a watch on their cattle with the help of technology. He said the government has been providing interest-free loans for up to seven years to set up dairy units having up to 50 milch animals.