Indian Navy to conduct Phase II of joint oceanographic survey off Sri Lanka coast


The Indian Navy will conduct Phase II of the joint oceanographic survey off the Southern and Western Coasts of Sri Lanka in collaboration with Sri Lanka Navy. The survey will be undertaken by Indian Naval ship INS Sutlej, which is an indigenously designed vessel fitted with the latest state of the art survey equipments.

The Phase I of the joint oceanographic survey was successfully completed by both the navies in May this year. The joint survey resulted in generation of extensive oceanographic data that is currently being used for updating all information and navigational charts covering the Southern Sri Lankan waters so as to make navigation safer.

The Phase II survey would be more complex and detailed than previous survey undertaken and would focus on waters closer to the coast as well as the coastline features. The deployment presents an opportunity for both navies to learn from each other in the highly specialised field of hydrography and would serve to build on the strong professional bond that exist between the two navies.

During its deployment, INS Sutlej will also undertake a series of community welfare activities, sports and professional training exchanges with Sri Lanka Navy personnel.