Ministry of External Affairs launches “#AsktheSpokesperson” for better awareness and understanding of foreign policy


The Ministry of External Affairs has launched a new initiative titled “#AsktheSpokesperson” on Twitter with an objective to bring better awareness and understanding of foreign policy issues to general public.

The inaugural session of #AsktheSpokesperson initiative was held on October 27, 2017 on the Ministry’s official Twitter handle @MEAIndia. Out of numerous queries received, the Spokesperson responded to selected question, live through periscope.

Under this initiative, the Ministry uses the social media platforms for inviting questions from public on India’s foreign policy and the selected questions are responded to by the Official Spokesperson live on social media.

This initiative is a part of Ministry’s policy to pro-actively use social media and digital technology to engage constantly with a general public on issues related with the activities of the Ministry. #AsktheSpokesperson initiative will be a regular feature to engage and educate the public about foreign policy matters in simplified terms. It will be held every two months.

The Ministry has also launched its LinkedIn profile with the objective to expand its engagements in the social space focussing on professionals and building network and to take digital activations to an altogether different set of audience.