US imposes fresh import duties on Chinese aluminium


The United States has imposed fresh import duties on Chinese aluminium, accusing exporters of dumping their product on the US market at prices below cost. The Commerce Department said that it would impose preliminary import duties in the range of 96.81 per cent to 162.24 per cent on Chinese aluminum foil.

In August, Commerce imposed preliminary duties on Chinese aluminium foil, ranging from 16.56 per cent to 80.97 per cent, citing state subsidies for the domestic industry that disadvantage American products.

President Donald Trump is due to visit China as part of an 11-day trip to Asia beginning next week. The Trump administration has aggressively pursued trade remedies in commercial relations with Beijing investigating Chinese trade practices on intellectual property and for aluminium and steel on national security grounds.

Perceived Chinese misdeeds in commerce were a mainstay of Trump’s populist campaign for the White House but since taking office he has refrained from labelling Beijing a currency manipulator.