India’s first biofuel powered plane flies from Dehradun to Delhi

Paving the way for the usage of alternative fuels in the aviation sector, country’s first ever biojet fuel-powered flight was successfully tested between Dehradun and Delhi. The SpiceJet Bombardier Q400 aircraft took off from Dehradun’s Jolly Grant airport and successfully landed in Delhi. The SpiceJet flight was tested with one of the two engines of the plane running on a blend of 25 per cent biojet fuel and 75 per cent ATF (aviation turbine fuel), and the other engine running on ATF alone. The 450 litres of biojet fuel that was used was developed by using oil extracted from the seeds of the Jatropha plant which was supplied to IIP by the Chhattisgarh Biofuel Development Authority (CBDA). The CBDA had procured the supply from 500 families of Chhattisgarh-based farmers. The production of biofuel will also reduce the dependency on crude oil, most of which currently is imported. Biojet fuel enhances fuel efficiency. While India has the fastest growing domestic aviation market in the world – more than 125 million passengers flew in 2017-18 at a growth rate of 18 percent. With the success, India has joined an elite club of nations including USA and Australia who use biofuel for commercial flights.