Tag: Current Affairs of 30 October 2017

Centre releases Rs 8,698 crore as GST compensation to states

  The centre has released Rs 8,698 crore to states to compensate them for revenue loss following GST implementation. All states barring Rajasthan and Arunachal Pradesh, have been given compensation for the first two months (July-August) after Goods and Services Tax rollout. This is 58 per cent of the total cess revenue of Rs 15,060

Italy PM Paolo Gentiloni arrives in New Delhi

  Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni arrived in New Delhi on a two day visit to India. The visit coming after a gap of more than a decade, is aimed at strengthening the bilateral political and economic relations between the two countries. The last visit of the Italian Prime Minister to India was in

NASA spots ‘interstellar object’ passing through solar system

  In a first, NASA scientists have discovered an interstellar object – a small asteroid or comet that appears to have originated from outside the solar system, coming from somewhere else in our galaxy. The object – designated A- 2017 U1 – is less than 400 metres in diameter and is moving remarkably fast. A-